Xaja – Hardrock 'n' Roll

Since 1990 in the same line-up, the 5 musicians from Greater Osnabrück have been rocking the (mainly) German stages without interruption. With their hardrock 'n' roll the band is a constant and has remained true to itself in more than 30 years.

With the vocal tube, the rocking strings and the straight groove, the guys can't deny influences from AC/DC, D.A.D. or Rose Tattoo, but they have developed their own sound - and this stands for fun, friendship and freedom since the beginning. As an original member of the Osnabrück hard rock scene of the 90s (e.g. with the sampler "Wizzards from OS") Xaja has released several albums (4 tapes and 6 CD) on their own over the years. The band celebrated the 25th anniversary in 2015 with the unplugged special "no voltage" as an album, concerts and a music video of the cover song "One". After that, it was back to the harder riffs and the album "Dancing With The Devil" accompanied by the music video "Now and Here" was released in 2019. The 30th anniversary was thwarted by Corona in 2020, so a next disc is in the works again in 2023.

Xaja, always staying in the underground, achieved international attention and reviews in fanzines and radio stations.

"The band is like good wine: it has grown and matured, and now it should be allowed to breathe, because even live their kick-ass rock 'n' roll knows how to convince.", German Metal Hammer 09/2019

Xaja (left to right):
Holger Middelberg - drums
Mitch Kijewski - guitar
Boris "Harry" Gründel - guitar
Thomas "Kran" Kuzaj - bass
Ralf Ehrbar - vocals
Holger Middelberg
Telefon: 0541 / 9118912
Mail: info@xaja.de

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